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Martin Modell holds an MBA in General Management from the New York Institute of Technology and has over 30 years of general data-processing experience.  Mr. Modell has been both a development project manager and general manager and has been directly involved in all phases of application analysis, design development and implementation.

Mr. Modell has extensive experience with all facets of hardware and software technology, system development and maintenance life cycle methodologies, CASE tools, data dictionary and repository technology and use. He is a recognized expert in the development and use of a wide variety of data and processing modeling tools and techniques.

Mr. Modell has been a participant and speaker at many national and regional database technical and design conferences, chairman of the Sixth International Conference on Entity Relationship Approach, vice chairman of the steering committee for the International Conferences on Entity-Relationship Approach and is the author of the Entity Relationship article in the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology.

Mr. Modell is the author of numerous articles and has been a contributing reviewer on for the ACM Computing Reviews for over twenty years.  Mr. Modell is the author of three previous books “A Professional’s Guide to Systems Analysis,”  “Data Directed Systems Design: A Professional’s Guide,” and “Data Analysis, Data Modeling and Classification.

Mr. Modell is currently a senior information systems advisory consultant in the areas of Data Administration, Information Systems methodologies, CASE tool use and Client Server application system design and development.  Mr. Modell has been an advisor to senior management and senior business development support analyst specializing in new business proposal writing and management.

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